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The Beef

**  Our beef is Black Angus.  Black Angus is known for being very tender and flavorful.

             **  To achieve tenderness and flavor so many factors must happen to produce our quality beef.  
We start out with high quality cattle we've bred,
we give our cattle time to develop and don't push them with hormones, and we age
our beef for a lengthy period of time to enhance the flavor and tenderness our customers enjoy.

  **  Our ranch raised beef offers our customers the confidence
in knowing how their beef is being raised and it's wholesome for their family and ours.

Beef Details: 

     **  The beef are harvested at a local USDA inspected facility.  
       **  Quick chilled to maximize marbeling, flavor, and shelf life.      
  **  Dry aged 18 - 21 days, a natural process that enhances flavor and tenderness.  
Most supermarket beef is aged only days before being placed on a shelf to be purchased.  
**  Vacuum sealed in 6mm wrap to keep meat fresher longer.
**  Custom cut and packaged with your specifications.      
      **  You may order an 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 or whole beef.        
 **  We deliver your beef to you if the distance is within reason.


**  You will receive and enjoy your wholesome family ranch raised beef your way.  **