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Keeping It Green

    **  Here at the ranch nothing goes to waste.  We utilize everything to the fullest extent.

**  In the summer we graze native grass pastures that are not suitable
    for farming, yet our cows raise their calves and thrive.

                    **  Our winter routine puts our cows on farm ground where they clean up                    
      forages like corn stalks, wheat stubble and hay fields.  
This practice benefits both cow and land.
  **  All of our hay, as well as some of our corn, is grown here on our farm.
            Any other feeds we feed are also locally grown.

      **  We utilize other feeds such as sugar beet pulp and distiller's grains.
     (Two local bi-products leftover after they produce sugar and ethanol.)

    **  Buying local and utilizing local resources ensures we are keeping it green.

           **  The cow is an incredible green machine.
       Cows convert otherwise useless forages and feeds into an amazing source of protein.