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**  Customer Comments  **

**If you haven't tried Little Creek Cattle products you're missing out on top quality beef.  Place an order today, your stomach will be glad you did!

**  My father has been diagnosised with cancer so his appetite has diminished during Chemo.  Thank you for doing such a great job and working hard so we can have such fantastic beef, it is making a difference to my family right now.  Your meat is so awesome that you don't even have to do much to it.  Thank you!

**  I'm ready for another order of beef! It was so good...down to our last few packages.

**  We'll be ready for more beef.  I must say you're beef is the best we've ever had.  It's hard to describe exactly what we enjoyed the most it's all been wonderful, full of flavor, and melts in your mouth. 

**  We LOVE the beef.  Whenever I cook beef, the kids always ask "Is it OUR beef?"

**  I appreciate knowing where my beef came from and who is benefiting from my purchase.  Receiving high quality meat while supporting Colorado farming and family, makes me feel good.

**  I'm not sure how you guys do it but your beef is great and full of flavor.

**  We made one of the roasts and it was fabulous.  Looking forward to trying the ground beef.

**  We've been eating your beef like crazy.  It's fantastic and I have given a bunch to my friends who have given it high marks as well.

**  Looking forward to cooking up the beef.  Thank you so much for filling up my freezer.

**  Your beef is such high quality and made the best grilled hamburgers.  We got comments on how tasty they were.

**  Having the beef packaged to our specifications and ready in the freezer for a quick meal without having to worry about running to the store and trying to find good meat in the right amount.

**  The roast fell apart it was so flavorful and tender.  You can really taste the difference your meat is excellent.

**  We love knowing where our food came from and what's in it.

**  The beef is great...

**  The steak/meat you sent is great. 

**  Having the beef in our freezer is convenient and helps me plan a faster more nutritious meal for my family and I to sit down and enjoy.  We like eatting a healthier meal  at home together versus hitting the drive-thru.   

**  It all looks so nice.  It is so handy to have the individual packages of hamburger ready to use.

**  I had some of your steak last night.  It was SO good, full of flavor, and juicy.

**  We had the best hamburger ever!  Not only will we remember to use your "company" for gifting, we'll tell our friends about your services.

**  The hamburger is great!

**  The beef is very good u all do a great job, thank you.

**  The beef is amazing!

**  Customers are always welcome to visit the ranc
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